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Psychic Jessi, a fourth generation born gifted psychic, discovered her abilities at the age of three when she first started experiencing them.  She has an extensive ten year professional career including events for PGA National and breast cancer awareness, as well as being seen on TLC. She is also apart of the Women's Executive Club of South, FL. Jessi has also been heard on iHeartRadio.

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About Psychic jessi

Relationship Expert

Specializing in love and relationships, Psychi Jessi can tell about the past, present and future of an individual to help guide and develop their spiritual energies.  She has traveled around the world to help clients in their need for love and spiritual guidance. 

Call or email Psychic Jessi for help reuniting with a loved one or meeting the right partner.


Psychic Jessi

Amazing reading, highly recommend jessi. I had an enjoyable experience and plan on continuing contact with Jessi in the future. -Marsha N

She's amazing! definitely go see her for some lovely advice and life coaching. She has help me through so much when I needed her the most! -Kara E

Oh my god! I have been to so many psychics and jessi is very direct, and very blunt! So you better hold onto your seat cause she is going to tell you everything without asking you a word! - Martha P

 I recently lost my husband, and I was searching for answers. I seen Psychic Jessi and brought her a picture of my husband and she was able to connect and communicate with him and gave me so much peace and understanding and I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders really loved her. -Bonnie H