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An energy attunement can help open up your aura to enable your healing energies flow more freely, allowing you to "tune in" to your own spiritual gifts and life force. 


Akashic Records

Chakras are energy centers located throughout your body. If any of these energies is out of balance, it is felt on a physical, emotional and/or spiritual level in your body. Psychic Jessi can help you bring these centers back into balance and restore harmony to your inner self.

Psychic Jessi

Chakra Balancing

As a fourth generation, born gifted psychic, Psychic Jessi is able to "tune in" to your energies offer guidance about spiritual healing, growth and development.

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Now available for meditation classes


Energy Attunements

Akashic records are believed to be the story of your soul's journey (including thoughts, feelings and more) from it's beginning throughout each and every lifetime.

Discover the answers to questions that have intrigued you. Do you feel connected or overwhelmed by something and not sure why? Find out where you have been and where you should be heading to find greater spiritual peace and happiness.


Specializing in love in relationships, Psychic Jessi offers psychic readings, energy readings, and crystal readings to provide and answers to your questions about your past present and future. 

Private readings are available in South Florida. Readings can also be provided by phone or via Skype.


$125 Whole Life Energy reading